Bofinet data centre to aid Botswana’s ICT growth

Data Centre will be located at Science and Technology Park in Gaborone

Bofinet data centre to aid Botswana’s ICT growth
GABORONE 11 March 2021, The minister of transport and communications Thulagano Segokgo officiate the ground breaking ceremony of the national data center named Digital Delta by the Botswana Fibre Network (BoFiNet) in Gaborone on 11 March 2021. BoFiNet board chairperson Pelani Siwawa Ndai, BoFiNet chief executive officer Mabua Mabua were present among the others during the ceremony. Segokgo officiating the ground breaking ceremony. Cecil Masiga during the launch of the data center. (Pic: MONIRUL

Botswana Fibre Networks (BOFINET) recently unveiled plans for a National Data Centre to aid growth of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in Botswana.

The data centre will be located at the Science and Technology Park at Block 8 in Gaborone.

“This state-of-the-art facility will host at least 400 racks on 1 000 square metres of white space. The data centre will be strategically located at the Science and Technology Park and is scheduled to take eight months of construction. Upon completion the data centre will be the biggest in Botswana,” said the CEO of BOFINET, Mabua Mabua.

The envisaged facility comprises state-of-the-art infrastructure which will edge the country closer to the digital economy where good Internet and strong ICT systems will be accorded to businesses in an envisaged post COVID-19 Botswana. “A critical part of ICT infrastructure is being born,” Mabua said.

The BOFINET CEO said they first conceptualised the facility around 2014/15. “We made an assessment of the required critical infrastructure that is adequate to support the ICT ecosystem and the economy at large, and we then realised that an open access data centre that is accessible to all retail telco service providers, on equal basis was missing,” he said.

He noted that at the time of conceptualisation, BOFINET could not fully implement the idea because it was still a new parastatal. “Fast-forward through other years, we did another feasibility in 2018/19 and that reaffirmed the need for an open access data centre, this time a 1 000 square metre facility that could facilitate the ICT ecosystem and the economy at large,” Mabua said. “That resulted in the initiation of the project.”

Also speaking at the ceremony, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Thulaganyo Segokgo, commended BOFINET for a facility that will provide technological opportunities to Batswana.

“The data centre infrastructure forms a key part of country’s competitiveness rankings,” Minister Segokgo said. “Our readiness as an economy to offer such a high quality facility places Botswana in a good position to improve her rankings worldwide.”