BOTESSA in heightened sponsorship drive

• Appoints consultancy firm to negotiate renewal of contract with FNBB and secure more sponsors

BOTESSA in heightened sponsorship drive
Obonye Malope, Eynobo Head (Pic: MONIRUL BHUIYAN/PRESS PHOTO)

Botswana Tertiary Student Sports Association (BOTESSA) has engaged a consultancy firm, Eynobo Holdings, to secure more sponsorship deals on its behalf, The Business Weekly Sports has established.

According to BOTESSA Public Relations Officer (PRO), Emmanuel Seiphetho, Eynobo’s immediate task is to negotiate a new deal with the organisation’s current main sponsors, First National Bank Botswana (FNBB) because the deal is due to end in June. The two joined forces in 2018 in a P3 million FNBB sponsorship for a period of three years.

“They are also tasked with attracting other sponsors to basically support FNBB as our main sponsor. We want a lot of sponsors to come on board to develop tertiary sports in country,” Seiphetho said, adding that BOTESSA is sincerely hoping that the behemoth banking outfit will extend its sponsorship to them again.

Eynobo is headed by marketing and communication maestro, Obonye Malope.

Meanwhile, Seiphetho told The Business Weekly Sports that like other sporting organisations, BOTESSA is affected by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We have had a lot of activities that we wanted to host since last year,” he said. “But we have been forced to suspend our calendar, which is negatively affecting our athletes in many ways. They are tertiary students and need these sporting activities to refresh from the stress of their studies.”

But BOTESSA is not about to let the pandemic zap its resolve to pursue its mandate. “We sent two of our executive committee members to Uganda in November last year for a course on how to conduct sports in the advent of COVID-19,” Seiphitho said. “Upon their return, we held coaching courses for our administrators. We did that to give our sponsors, FNBB, the mileage that they deserve for being considerate and kind to us.

“We are also currently busy signing agreements with other sporting organisations, the latest being Botswana Karate Association. We really want to have firm relationships with these sporting codes in order to develop local sports.”



BOTESSA is the umbrella body for all sports codes of tertiary institutions of Botswana. The organisation was formed to provide organised sporting links among post-secondary school institutions in Botswana, making them eligible for membership of BOTESSA.

The main objective of BOTESSA is to propagate physical training and sports as an indispensable component of human personality development, as well as development of friendship by and in sports competitions.