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EVER TRIED TO QUIT? Reflections of a Risk Management practitioner

More often than not, we pick this career without a full understanding of its challenging yet rewarding aspects. As I reflect, the...

The Tax Guide

Implementing the Risk Management Strategy

After crafting a risk management strategy, management needs to consider how the strategy will be implemented in order to ensure achievement...


A STRATEGY FOR RISK; You can’t ‘freestyle’ when it comes...

This instalment has tapped into a colleague in the UK to crystallise the need for the right culture in which risk management is not...


Managing the risk of revenue leakage

Tough times like this era have resulted in more stringent cash retention strategies and a zero tolerance for revenue leakages.



In this 1st article of the year 2021, I am geared up, more than ever, to continue creating awareness on risk management. This has...