Ready, Steady, Train!

Chyna Mokaila of CMFit looks at the world as a potential fitness market that has not been tapped into in the digital space

Ready, Steady, Train!
Ready, Steady, Train!

Maintaining a healthy functioning body is considered one of the advantages of keeping the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) and its apparent mutant strains at bay. However, COVID-19 restrictions have adversely affected the ever-important practice of congregating at the gym.

The silver lining in this predicament is that local fitness trainer and founder of CMFit, Chyna Mokaila, provides virtual online training where people can train in the comfort of their homes. His contention is that “staying fit helps individuals with depression and gives them a feel-good atmosphere, and health should be our number one priority at this present moment!”

With qualifications as an Aerobics Instructor/Group Exercise, Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Coach, Sports Psychologist, and a Football Specific Conditioning Coach, Mokaila explains to Executive Lifestyle that with the advent of the pandemic, the set national health protocols encouraging social distancing adversely affected his work, prompting him to get creative and innovative to reach out to his clientele. 

“The CMFit Virtual Fitness program idea came during the first lockdown in 2020 where everything was closed, including gyms,” he says. “This meant there was no business. I had to make a solid and sustainable plan to continue working despite lockdowns. My aim has always been to get my brand out there and help people realise the importance of having an active and healthy lifestyle.” 

Mokaila has worked with the Botswana senior men’s and women’s national football teams and the senior karate national team as their Conditioning Coach. He is currently Head of Football Specific Conditioning for Township Rollers Football Club.

CMFit, which rebranded from Chyna’s Kata-Bo, has also worked internationally with Essences Events (of the United States), travelling around Africa promoting active lifestyles and health. Mokaila’s ingenuity saw him recently tap into other markets around the world. 

In addition to Botswana, CMFit has clients in the US, Canada, Austria, Italy, South Africa and Zambia to whom it offers four main training programmes: CMFit Combat, which is a high energy martial art-inspired full body workout that builds fitness and can burn up to 740 calories along the way; CMFit Body Attack is described as a total full body, high energy athletic workout that focuses on both strength and cardiovascular endurance and agility promising to burn up to 700 calories; CMFitMobiflex aims to improve mobility with a range of motion and improved balance; while CMFit Pump entails a full-body weight workout for a lean, pumped up, toned and fit body.

As a fitness trainer, Mokaila can never fail to emphasise the role that nutrition plays in overall health. “You need to fuel your body with the right nutrition and calories for you to perform better,” he says. “The right amount of your daily calorie intake daily will get you better performance in your workouts and daily lifestyle demands. It will also get you better results quickly. Nutrition plays a very big role, not just in getting results but also in general wellbeing.”  

He states that 70 percent to 80 percent of one’s results come from their nutrition while working out contributes only 20 percent to 30 percent. Mokaila lists benefits of an active lifestyle and good nutrition as reduced risks of non-communicable diseases, increased energy levels and improved ability to fight off illnesses, among others.

For the future, his vision is set on the world market as he believes there is much potential that has not been tapped into in the digital space.