Stanbic gives away the Creative Business Cup

Sebusamathe Mokgwe of Sweet Sensations walked away as the Botswana champion

Stanbic gives away the Creative Business Cup
Creative Business Cup Botswana finalists
Stanbic gives away the Creative Business Cup

As one of the key partners to the Creative Business Cup Botswana, Stanbic Bank Botswana AcceleR8 hosted the much-anticipated final instalment of the competition over the weekend. Sebusamathe Mokgwe of Sweet Sensations walked away as the Botswana champion.

Sweet Sensations proved to be the clear favorite of the day, dazzling judges with their prowess, skills, confidence and entrepreneurial savvy. Sweet Sensations is an award-winning local chocolate brand that specialises in premium hand-crafted chocolates with a taste of indigenous fruits such as morula, kgeru, motoroko and mmilo. They use sustainably sourced Botswana native fruits, harvested by elderly women in the village seasonally, practicing Fair Trade and empowering these women.

Stanbic Bank Botswana Head of AcceleR8, Larona Makgoeng said “Stanbic Bank AcceleR8 in line with its ‘Four by 4 model’ and in particular reference to the pillars of ‘access to markets’ and ‘access to funding,’ are committing to funding the top 2 for a trip to the Global stage in Denmark”. Makgoeng said this is with the intention of enabling them to gain exposure to other markets and potential funding if their submissions make it to the investor pitch.

“What is most important is the learnings acquired in the process, as what is important about entrepreneurship is to fail forward, stumble and try again. It is an experimental process, one in which failure must be celebrated as much as success is celebrated,” he said adding that “if we become okay with the fact that business failure is one of the possible outcomes of entrepreneurship, we would actually achieve a lot more. We must encourage our young start-ups to be more courageous in this journey of solution finding.”

The Creative Business Cup is a global competition with more than 70 creative thinkers focused on promoting innovation and creative business efforts. The platform, which has been taking place over the past 4 years since Botswana joined as a member in 2017, has seen over 200 applicants and 42 start-ups take part in the National finals to date. The start-ups that participate have ranged from those who are still at the inception stage, all the way to those with medium size businesses.

The Creative Business Cup comprises a conference and competition elements respectively. The conference focuses on new creative and cultural businesses in the creative industries to motivate, sharpen and develop the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, as well as providing a forum for networking. All finalists proceeded to the final based on clear evaluation criteria, with the core asset of the business based on creative competencies, the start up being commercial and concepts bearing market potential as well as registered as a legal entity in Botswana. This is in addition to other eligibility criteria. The global finals are held each year at our Bright Conference – a two day meet-up of creative businesses and people interested in entrepreneurship and innovation from all corners of the world.

Nicolette Chinomona on behalf of the Creative Business Cup participants have demonstrated true grit and determination for success in the entrepreneurial world. “There are few platforms where entrepreneurs who have not yet identified investors, need a platform to talk about their business and hopefully catch the eye of an investor, especially in the creative sector,” she said noting that “no one is coming to Botswana to look for entrepreneurs, we need to take them to the world - if the economy is going to diversify, we need to give our entrepreneurs a chance to access larger markets than the ones we have here”.