Weak capital market hampers economic growth – Pelaelo

• BoB governor says development of capital markets in Botswana needs to be raised significantly • Botswana falls short of international...


Grand bay botanical garden is segagwe's labour of love

After waiting for two years just to get approval for change of land use, it took the man yet more patience to get connected to the...


Letlole la rona: life after cresta

Selling its hotel properties to sitting tenant Cresta Marakanelo has ‘liberated’ LLR to chart a course to LLR’s restructuring in which...


Soes bleed the economy deeply – Dr. Matsheka

n his inaugural budget speech, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development singled out Botswana Meat Commission (BMC), Botswana...


Return of the jet fighter

• BDP, UDC MPs reject jet fighter deal • French jet fighter Mirage 2000 enters race – unconfirmed sources • Gov obsession with defence...


Property market in decline

The property market in Botswana has experienced a noticeable decline in year-on-year yield or return on investment of all the property...


Barclays gets tech savvy as it adopts new name

Cards with a tap-and-go functionality are already being issued to customers while an app that will allow them to use their fingerprint...


Botswana loses revenue through digital economy

• BURS is worried inability to tax multinationals • Wants google taxed


Air Botswana owes P235M to GOVT

• Loan was used to purchase Embraer jet • 2018 financials delayed because external auditors are new


Rags to riches and back to rags : How the Botswana economy...

• Diamonds stagnant • Government revenues to GDP drop by a quarter • FX falls 55 percentage points • Government size downsizing urgent...


MATSHEKA targets industrialized sector for growth

Botswana’s trade deficit more than doubled in 2019 as exports fell on the account of weaker diamond market, prompting the government...


Has the military complex won Masisi ?

• Botswana to acquire more fighter jets • Defence budget grows from previous P6.86bn to P8.57bn in 2020 • Opposition leader blasts...