White Label’s Affordable Luxury

White Label is a homegrown brand that creates high-end scent while seeking ways of making luxury affordable. TSHEPISO GABOTLHOMOLWE and TAELO MAPHORISA of The BW&R recently got to sample the company’s newly released Gentleman’s Pride range

White Label’s Affordable Luxury
The founder of White Label Frangrances, Thamani Thothe

Gentleman’s Pride is the luxury of a sophisticated man on a budget and a perfect way of submitting to indulgence. The founder of White Label Frangrances, Thamani Thothe, says she realised people’s need and want for luxury even and that most cannot afford it, hence the brand stands for luxury that is affordable and quality that is undeniable.

The Botswana-created brand stands for growth, empowerment and confidence with the ordinary Motswana with a taste for the good life accommodated in pricing. Thothe says the brand embraces   the luxury of choosing pleasure out of the ordinary because the company uses local materials as inputs. The ingredients range from the baobab tree to Kalahari melon seed oil sourced from the villages of Gweta, Machaneng and Tsabong.

White Label makes both male and female ranges that come in a body wash, a body exfoliator, a body soufflé, perfumes and a hand cream. For their latest addition, the Gentleman’s Pride, Thothe says they were in quest of achieving a scent layering sensation that stays for a long time even after an extensive workout. This is because the art of scent layering is an exciting way of either ensuring that your scent lasts longer by using the same scented products in your grooming routine or complementing two scents to create a personalised one.

Taelo Maphorisa had a chance to be among the first to experience the range when he couldn’t resist the sight and allure of the sophisticated packaging and has not stopped talking about it since. Being a young man with a taste for the finer things of life himself, Maphorisa says the scent of this new range took him closer to home yet also made him feel at home just about anywhere. “The nasal sensation of the morula fruit takes me back home and makes me understand just how much love and care must have gone into creation of this,” he says today, almost a week later.

The body exfoliator, which is popularly known by White Label customers as a body polish, removes dead skin and simultaneously tones the skin, leaving it rejuvenated and soft. The exfoliators are made in such a way that they smell fresh and strong forever, giving a hint of a gentleman’s leather goods and the freshness of one who has just sealed a big deal. These are made with a mixture of Makgadikgadi and Himalayan salts to which is added brown sugar. It is little wonder that it is easy to scrape off dead cells with them, leaving a very refreshing feel on the skin.

Maphorisa got to sample these too, prompting him to confess that he felt his pores open up and fresh air penetrating through them for the first time since eternity. He spoke of his face smelling and feeling good. Following the four-step scent layering process, Maphorisa says he used the body soufflé after the scrub, which lathered his now soft skin.

Created with a normal sophisticated man in mind, Thothe says this new range - which has a mixture of sweet almond oil and morula as the dominant ingredients - is meant to achieve subtlety in a way that is yet dominant at the same time. “I can see you are lost,” said Thothe. “This scent takes you on an aromatic journey accompanied by aquatic notes to a destination in your mind, leaving you fresh too.”

Maphorisa picked up the cue: “I feel fresh,” he said after complementing his look with the Gentleman’s Pride Eau de Parfum. “Now I know that a scent is the signature that leaves people thinking and talking about you long after you have left. This one is for me.”